Marg Bertling – Karratha Photographer.

A love of photography has seen me turn my hobby into a full time job. I was working as a journalist for a small newspaper in 2009.

Amidst the swirling winds of the Global Financial Crisis, I left a stable weekly income and threw away the keyboard with the idea to hopefully develop my skill set in photography and create a job that had flexibility and a bit of excitement.

And I did exactly that!

Today, from my base in Karratha and taking my photography skills as my main asset, I have traveled across the world specializing in industrial and commercial photography and videography, virtual tours and UAV CASA compliant works for corporate clients and editorial needs for media outlets across Australia.

In order to service the needs of the West Australian North West regions, I hold industry compliance in health and safety, White Construction Card, HUET and TBOSIET tickets – along with Diplomas in Project Management, Journalism and Photography.

Pilbara Site Pics is 100% portable and my office space ranges from the open door of a helicopter at 1000 feet, an underground development in a mine site or a shopping centre commercial shoot.

Pilbara Site Pics has gone on to win multiple awards in business including the 2015 Australian Small Business Champion Award for Services.


Pilbara Site Pics – Karratha photography at work!

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